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The food and beverage markets have seen significant change and rapid growth over the last decade with the development of partially prepared, convenience meals sauces and components broadening the choice of food products available to consumers.

Attempts to simplify preparation and reduce the cooking time required prior to consumption does carry an attendant risk of increased bacteriological contamination. This may be partly due to the reduction in conventional heat treatment cooking cycles immediately prior to food consumption and partly due to lack of awareness by the end user of the potential for cross- contamination posed by uncooked or re-heated foodstuff.

The annual increase in reported episodes of food poisoning is testimony to the problems which can arise, often with fatal consequences in the case of E.coli O157:H7 and Listeria monocytogenes. The pathogen most often associated with food poisoning, Salmonella has now been displaced by Campylobacter as the most common infective agent. Both have been in the news over the last year after finding their way into the Human food chain.

It was to assist companies in the detection of potentially damaging bacteria that M-Tech Diagnostics Ltd. was established over a decade ago. The aim was to bring together existing and newly developing technology to provide a single access point for bacteriological testing products for end users within the food, beverage and environmental testing markets. .

M-Tech Diagnostics Ltd. serves as the U.K. distributor for companies in France, Germany, Spain and Denmark, as well as a variety of companies located throughout in the U.S.A. The company specialise in supplying products for Bacteriological testing, environmental monitoring and quality control and provide our clients with a single supply point providing rapid and cost effective access to the widest range of products.

From sample collection though to final test , products are available to cover a wide range of analytical and production applications:

  • Sample collection ( Swabs, sponges & sterile bags)
  • Sample homogenisation ( Mixers, sterile bags)
  • Incubation (Portable and laboratory based incubators)
  • Filtration ( Equipment, Membrane, Cartridge, Capsule & Syringe filters)
  • CHROMagar™ chromogenic media – Rapid enumeration & identification
  • Dehydrated growth media (Enrichment broth and selective agars)
  • Molecular biology – (Agaroses for Elecrophoresis & DNA/RNA analysis)
  • Environmental Sampling ( Equipment & Whirl-Pak® Sampling bags )
  • Rapid pathogen tests
  • Rapid hygiene monitoring (ATP tests)

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