Aarhus United Denmark A/S

Innovation that spreads

Aarhus United is a company with a long history behind it – and a lot of future ahead

Speciality vegetable fats and oils from Aarhus United can be found in countless food products all over the world. High quality products with superior functional properties and a customer service that is both inspiring and reliable have made Aarhus United one of the leaders in its field.

The Denmark-based company’s sophisticated product range, innovative application expertise and modern production facilities build on more than 130 years in the business. At the turn of the 20th century, Aarhus United was already a recognised pioneer when it developed the first vegetable fats for margarine. Later the company launched the world’s first alternatives to cocoa butter – fats that remain a mainstay of the product portfolio to this day.

Innovative strength
Proactive innovation has been a driving force throughout the company history. As a result, Aarhus United today is equipped to respond with lightning speed to customer demands – many of which are born of the growing consumer awareness of issues such as health and the environment. It was this state of perpetual readiness that, in the early 90s, enabled the company to develop the first trans fatty acid free fats for margarine almost overnight. Consumer concerns about the implications of using fats derived from gene-modified raw materials were also behind Aarhus United’s decision to switch to non-GMO production in 2000, when many food manufacturers felt the need to keep gene-modified ingredients out of their products.

Confectionery focus
The needs of the greatest part of the company’s international customers are also reflected in the product range. Today Aarhus United has a strategic focus on the confectionery industry, developing and supplying cocoa butter alternatives for chocolate and chocolate compound, filling fats for pralines and barrier fats that prevent fat and water migration. With this comprehensive range and continuous flow of new products and product improvements, Aarhus United is equipped to tackle the vast majority of fat-related issues involved in confectionery production.

The focus on confectionery is, though, not to the exclusion of all other application areas. Aarhus United also serves the bakery, food service, dairy, ice cream, margarine and infant nutrition industries. Within the non-food sector, the company’s products for skin creams and dietary supplements represent a relatively small but fast-growing business.

Working with customers
Aarhus United works closely with its customers to ensure individual requirements are fully met. A newly installed information technology system, in which sales, development, production and all other activities are closely integrated, enables a fast and efficient response to these needs.

Another valuable service is provided by the company’s trading department. Here, raw material specialists track movements on raw material markets, crop yields and weather patterns that can affect supplies. This information provides the basis for Aarhus United’s daily trade updates which assist customers when deciding what and when to buy in order to maintain vital stocks.

External research
Not only customers benefit from Aarhus United’s vast expertise. Participation in external research projects involves linking up with academic and other independent research institutions. The results of these studies are typically made available to all fat and oil manufacturers and the industries they supply.

Aarhus United is part of the Aarhus United group, which also has sales and production companies in Mexico, Norway, the UK and USA. Other sales offices are in operation in Australia, Malaysia, Poland, Russia and South America. The group is a major shareholder in United Plantations Berhad, Malaysia, and has offices in West Africa responsible for buying exotic raw materials.

Contact details:

Aarhus United Denmark A/S
M.P. Bruuns Gade 27
DK – 8000 Aarhus C

Tel: +45 87 30 60 00
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Web: www.aarhusunited.com

Managing Director: Mr. Jørgen Balle