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FlexPicker IRB 340 :: Uniquely optised parallel-arm designed for the fastest and most demanding high-speed pcking and packing applications.Changing market requirements for products and packages demands flexible production solutions. Whatever industry you are in, robot-based automation is the most efficient way to achieve the production flexibility and reliability that you need. ABB solutions can be used for packing large industry products into containers as well as small sachets into trays or American cases. Different types of ABB robots are used in our packing solutions, depending on your needs in terms of capacity, product weight and package size.


The FlexPicker IRB 340 is a uniquely optimised parallel-arm designed robot for the fastest and most demanding high-speed picking and packing applications. The robot has a speed of more than 150 picking cycles per minute. The stainless steel and wash-down versions are specifically designed for open food applications. Available in one or two kilogram pay-load options, the exceptional low moving mass and overhead mounting of the robot also makes it highly suitable for use within for example packaging machines, feeding and unloading flow wrapping systems and blister pack machines.

IRB 140 is an extremely fast and agile six-axis robot, ideal for high-speed packing applications with up to five kilogram handling capacity and / or six-axis degree of freedom. Although small in its structure the robot can be mounted in any direction but still has the reach of 810 mm. Due to its compact design and speed of a SCARA robot the IRB 140 is extremely effective in assembly and larger picking and packing applications.


ABB has developed a dedicated packing robot – IRB 260, which was introduced to the market early spring 2005. The IRB 260 is based on IRB 2400, the world’s most popular industrial robot with a total of 14,000 installations.

The packing robot is designed for easy integration into packaging lines and has the ability to work close to base in order to minimize floor space. Low on weight and height, the IRB 260 fits easily into compact production cells. Speed has been optimized for an 800x800x800 mm working envelope, making the new robot ideal for packing applications.


2005 saw the dawn of a yet another new robot – IRB 660. This is a dedicated palletizer that blends speed, reach and payload like no other robot on the market. IRB 660 is an exceptionally fast 4-axis machine that combines a 3.15 meter reach with a 250 kg payload, making it ideal for palletizing bags, boxes, crates, bottles and more.


PickMaster is ABB’s standard software solution for integrating cameras, vision system and conveyors with robots. It combines the functions of system integration tool, operator interface and advanced cell controller into one powerful, adaptable and easy to use package for flexible high-speed packaging installations. It is specifically designed to enable the easy integration of ABB’s robots to a wide range of random material flow handling applications and is especially suited to run combined high-speed picking and case packing systems.

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