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Avure Technologies helps food processors use high-pressure processing (HPP) to improve the safety, quality and shelf life of foods they market. Our technology is used on a commercial basis to provide an effect similar to pasteurization for refrigerated ready-to-eat foods. HPP is accepted by the FDA and USDA, and international authorities as an effective food safety intervention method.

Avure’s Fresher Under Pressure product lines combine over 50 years of technical excellence in ultrahigh-pressure hydrostatic pressure systems with 25 years in high-pressure pump technology. We have facilities worldwide and a team of professionals in sales and marketing, technical and customer service, engineering, food technology and research and development. Our mission: to help the food industry provide safe, high-quality, innovative food products.

Our product lines include:

Commercial High-Pressure Processing Systems

For most applications, high-pressure processing (HPP) is a post-packaging process. This ensures product integrity by placing it in the final flexible consumer package prior to the HPP step. The packages are loaded into a handling basket and placed into the pressure vessel. This production model allows for rapid changeover between product types, package size and format, for liquid or solid foods.

As a total solutions supplier, Avure can provide even greater utility through the automation of load and unload cycles. Avure provides commercial-scale systems with pressure vessel capacities from 35 litres to 687 litres.

Our most popular model is the Fresher Under Pressure 215L ULTRA, designed for maximum throughput in large-volume plant operations with minimum floor space requirements. With 87,000 psi pressure to target listeria, salmonella and E. coli, the 215L ULTRA helps ready-to-eat meat processors achieve USDA FSIS lowest risk, Alternative 1 status.

The Fresher Under Pressure 35L system is best for entry-level production volumes, product formulation and product development. With 87,000 psi pressure and a compact skid-mounted footprint, it provides full-featured HPP capability on a smaller scale.

The Fresher Under Pressure 687L system provides a larger vessel capacity at pressures to 45,000 psi (310 MPa) and can handle over 1000 pounds of product per cycle. The 687L system is designed for the shellfish industry, using HPP as a processing tool for oysters, clams and lobsters. The 687L has a horizontal opening for simple plant installation.

High-Pressure Processing Models for Research & Development

As HPP research continues to expand, academic and commercial development labs are asking for systems that can be utilized for scientific studies and product development research.

For intensive product formulation testing and pilot plant studies, our 35L batch production system (35 liters volume) can be the appropriate choice. As research organizations want to extend their temperature and pressure capabilities, within a laboratory environment, Avure offers the Fresher Under Pressure PT-1 Research System for scientists needing to conduct high-pressure testing, in small quantities, to determine chemical, microbiological, morphological and kinetic data, and the Fresher Under Pressure 2L High-Pressure Processing System (2 liters volume) for lab or development environments needing the flexibility to process larger sample sizes and shapes.

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