BOC is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of industrial gases and gas handling technology. The company’s primary gas products include cryogenic and non-cryogenic nitrogen and oxygen, as well as argon, carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen and a variety of medical, rare and special gases.

BOC products play a vital role in applications as diverse as purifying water, producing microchips, treating hospital patients and manufacturing cars. They can be found almost everywhere – from deep-level mining to outer space, in factories, laboratories, farms and garages. The industries BOC serves include chemicals, electronics, fabrication, food, glass, metals, fiber optics, pulp and paper, wastewater treatment, plastic, rubber and others.

BOC supplies its customers throughout the world via on-site production, by pipeline, tankers or in cylinders. Quantities range from thousand of tons a day of oxygen and nitrogen to tiny amounts of ultra pure, special gases.

BOC holds hundreds of patents covering technology for new gases processes that improve its customers’ product quality or lower their production costs.

BOC and the Food Industry
Regardless of the industry – poultry, meat prepared food, baked goods, dairy products or fruits and vegetables – or the need – regulatory compliance, quality and productivity increases or food safety and preservation solutions, you can count on BOC. BOC provides a single source for cryogenic and non-cryogenic gases, state-of-the art food safety and cryogenic freezing and chilling technologies and a variety of technologies for growth and harvest, packaging, preparation and preservation, storage, transport, water recycling and disinfection, and water treatment and distribution.

BOC provides customers with integrated solutions to help meet their food processing challenges including freezing systems such as tunnel, spiral, immersion and fluidized bed freezers that are simple to operate, require low maintenance and improve product handling.

We offer state-of-the-art cryogenic freezers for freezing baked goods, dairy products, fruits, poultry, prepared foods and meals, red meats, seafood and vegetables. Our Impingement Freezer is a modular unit with a footprint around one third smaller than conventional cryogenic freezing tunnels, and is the only cryogenic impingement freezer in the industry, delivering highest freezing efficiency, resulting in a consistent, uniform freeze that locks in moisture, resulting in higher yield.

In addition to cryogenic freezing systems, BOC freezers are designed to work with and enhance the product quality obtained from mechanical freezers.

BOC’s spiral freezers are ideal for higher volume freezing at medium-to-low production rates, offering maximum gas and processing efficiencies in less floor space than other cryogenic systems. And our cryogenic immersion freezers offer the fastest method of freezing to preserve the food texture and moisture. Our cryogenic chilling systems are ideal for use with further-processed fresh meat products and cook-chill prepared foods and meals.

In areas where product safety and freshness need to be maintained, a variety of chilling systems including bottom injection, snow horns and combo chillers offer high-performance solutions. BOC’s cryogenic chilling systems are ideal for use with further-processed fresh meat products and prepared foods and meals. And our flour chilling systems improve the quality of bakery products and provide operating efficiencies by ensuring accurate and consistent flour temperatures.

BOC is a member of The BOC Group, which employs some 43,000 people in 50 countries worldwide. The BOC Group serves two million customers and had sales of over $6 billion in 2001. Further information about The BOC Group is available on

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