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The ultimate technology for optimal sifting performance

The most recent generation of plansifters is yet another example of the technological expertise and development know-how of Buhler. It is the response to the experiences, needs, and expectations of the milling industry.

The new sifting technology of Buhler fulfils without compromises the highest requirements of a modern milling industry:

Optimal Sanitation – achieving the most rigorous sanitation standards

Legal food purity and safety requirements as well as consumers are demanding hygienically perfect products. With the new SIRIUS plansifter, Buhler is setting the standard in terms of sanitation. All components of the new SIRIUS sifter generation in contact with the product are consistently made of stainless steel or synthetic material. Using stainless steel and eliminating screw fasteners in the individual compartments ensures high and reliable product safety. All the walls as well as the doors are provided with high-grade insulation, which prevents condensation. The new design meets the most rigorous sanitation standards. The new, all-embracing hygienic concept of the SIRIUS plansifter offers maximum protection against mould and bacteria growth inside the plansifter.

Top Sifting Efficiency – the evolution in sifting performance

The state-of-the-art SIRIUS plansifter is the response to the rise in demand for sifters offering ever-higher performance and efficiency in the flour milling industry and for classifying granular products or free-flowing materials. Its higher dynamic acceleration improves the sifting action and defines a new level of performance in sifting. The globally leading NOVA sieve technology is distinguished by efficient sieve cleaning, outstanding sanitation, and minimum maintenance. The SIRIUS plansifter is a smart balance between innovation, functionality, and practicality.

Modular design – the smart solution for optimal space utilization

Flexibility thanks to modularity. Available capacities cover a wide range, from the family’s smallest  – the handy 2-compartment SIRIUS plansifter – to the compact 4-, 6-, 8-, or 10-compartment sifters, offering you a solution tailored to your specific needs. The modular concept allows the number of modules to be adjusted as required even at a later date. The new SIRIUS plansifter will adjust to your future plans, whether they involve a rebuild or an expansion. The SIRIUS plansifter is easy to install and may, if dictated by the available space, be shipped in the form of small modules. The full advantages of this modular design become evident when the plansifter is installed in tight building spaces.

Less cleaning and longer maintenance intervals

If you want to compete in today’s marketplace, you need sifters offering total flexibility, maximum availability, and highest reliability. The new SIRIUS plansifter has proven its worth in tough everyday service in the field. The results achieved are impressive, with drastically reduced cleaning and servicing requirements. This has been made possible by a systematically implemented insulation concept, the consistent use of stainless sifter compartments, and the further development of the tried-and-tested NOVA sieve technology. At the same time, the required maintenance intervals have been extended substantially. This success has been enabled by a large number of improvements, for example the new drive design. Another innovation is the integrated active system for re-tensioning the sieve stack, which ensures permanent tight lodging of the sieve stack inside the sifter.

The SIRIUS plansifter is the ultimate contribution to shaping your successful future. Its modularity creates flexibility. Its power and intelligence set tomorrow’s standards in terms of economy, performance, and sanitation. Its timeless styling and dynamic elegance are the key to the hearts of their owners.

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