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FLAVEX Naturextrakte GmbH –
A Pioneer in Supercritical Fluid Extraction


FLAVEX Naturextrakte GmbH is a private and innovative enterprise, specialised exclusively in supercritical fluid extraction. All products are developed, produced and certified at the company’s site in Germany near the border of France and the Benelux countries. FLAVEX has many years of experience in high pressure plant design and operation as well as in phyto-chemistry and evaluation of herbal extracts.

The company is focussed on speciality extracts from a wide range of botanical raw materials. The products are sold worldwide as ingredients to the food and flavour, the nutraceuticals and cosmetics industries. Since 1986, FLAVEX products have been established successfully on the market and the company meanwhile enjoys a real partnership with many indigenous and foreign industrial customers.


From the raw materials of herbs and spices FLAVEX extracts flavours, fragrances and active ingredients in a natural way, without leaving any residues by supercritical fluid extraction – a gentle technology for the recovery of fragile plant ingredients. Carbon dioxide (CO2), the gas that gives all the freshness to sparkling drinks, is the new and Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS)-approved solvent for lipophilic molecules. The high-pressure process works without the stress of high temperatures and guarantees the retention of the valuable substance composition of the raw material. The method is environmentally safe, without harmful emissions and without waste streams, thus avoiding problems, restrictions and expenses connected with conventional extraction procedures.

FLAVEX operates extraction plants on the laboratory, pilot and production scales designed for an extraction pressure of up to 500 bar (7,500 pounds per square inch). Their capacity ranges from a few kilograms to several tons of botanical input material a day, giving a total throughput of 1,000 tons a year. Besides the extraction of solids, liquids can also be extracted or fractionated, on small as well as on large scale. The extraction technology is designed and constantly optimised on the base of many years’ operation and know-how. Equipped with state of the art measurement and control systems, the extraction plants are best suitable for solving critical separation problems.

The production also includes the availability of a wide range of machinery for material preparation and conditioning, such as cutting and powdering mills and pelletising, mixing and sieving machines. The mills are cooled by injection of liquid CO2. In this way different raw materials, herbs and spices, flowers, seeds, barks and roots can be optimally prepared for CO2-extraction, just in time and without loosing volatile or sensitive components.


The control of raw materials and extracts is the task of the well-trained analysts at FLAVEX. They develop analytical procedures, establish product specifications, characterise the products and determine the content of valuable ingredients with modern analytical procedures. Competence, continuous research and development efforts as well as detailed and traceable documentation of all relevant process steps guarantee authentic products and are the base of our stringent product quality. Ensuring quality is one of the major tasks and a foundation of the company’s philosophy.


CO2-extracts are a product category of their own. Their unique spectrum of ingredients offers new possibilities in creative product development especially where quality and added value are important. They are used in food flavour formulations and as active ingredients in health food production.

CO2-extracts have a concentrated and high grade composition. They are practically sterile and need no preservation since they don’t provide any base for germ growths due to the absence of water, proteins and sugars, and they are easy to standardise.

FLAVEX offers a comprehensive range of herb and spice CO2-extracts such as ginger extracts which are composed at the same time of a high content of up to 40% essential oil and of a high content of up to 30% pungent gingerols. Thus they can easily replace a conventional mixture of ginger oleoresin and ginger distillate.

CO2 vanilla extracts are containing 12%, 26% or even 95% of natural ex-vanilla vanillin and thus are much more concentrated than normal hydro-alcoholic vanilla extracts.

The ultra natural rosemary and sage antioxidants can be extracted with a high-grade composition of active diterpenphenols with mainly carnosolic acid which is partly decomposed to carnosol in other extraction procedures. Rosemary antioxidants improve the product shelf-life and they can be useful bioactive components in cosmetic and food supplements fighting against free radical formation.

CO2-extracts make your product simply better.

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