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National Starch is a leading manufacturer of speciality starches, adhesives, speciality synthetic polymers, electronic and engineering materials. The speciality starches business incorporates food ingredients, encapsulation systems and unique products for nutrition and healthcare for a diverse range of applications. With a history of delivering innovative solutions to the global food industry, the company’s product portfolio includes fat replacers, thickeners, texturisers, encapsulants, emulsifiers, stabilisers, resistant starches and functional native starches. Valued for their contribution to end-product attributes including appearance, eating quality, flavour, mouthfeel and nutritional value, National Starch products continually inspire food technologists to create the world’s leading processed foods.

Starch meets the challenge
National Starch’s unrivalled expertise in both synthetic and natural polymer chemistry, coupled with a commitment to researching and developing the latest applications, ensure the company is well positioned to solve a myriad of processing, quality, stability and texture challenges. The established texture experts, National Starch offers products to create numerous textures from short and smooth to pulpy and viscous – all tailored to meet individual requirements.

Naturally innovative
National Starch’s commitment to meeting and exceeding customer needs through product innovation has inspired a heritage of firsts for the company. Hi-maize™ and Novelose®, the world’s first commercially available resistant starches, and Novation®, the premier functional native starch, are a result of leading-edge technology that has kept the company at the fore of research and innovation. Moreover, National Starch offers the unique Ultra range of cold water swelling starches, capable of delivering premium quality appearance and processing capabilities to diverse applications – in an instant.

The first starch supplier to offer a full range of non-GM food starches on a global scale, National Starch Europe was also the first to meet the exacting demands of the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and Food and Drink Federation standards for Identity Preserved systems. National Starch has also attained the Campden Laboratory Accreditation Scheme for good laboratory practice and, via the European Food Safety Inspection Service (EFSIS), conforms to the BRC Technical Standard for companies supplying retailer branded food products.

More than just dietary fibre
Hi-maize and Novelose resistant starches raise the total dietary fibre (TDF) content of foods, delivering improved processing and physiological benefits. A unique functional food ingredient and source of fibre without compromising taste, quality or convenience, Novelose heralded the advent of commercially available process-tolerant resistant starches. The acquisition of Hi-maize resistant starches in 2002, combined with the existing proprietary technology portfolio, has strengthened National Starch’s position in the global resistant starch market.

Clean and simple
Novation starches offer all the functional characteristics of a premium modified starch –with a simple ‘starch’ label. Until their development, starches could not match the processing capabilities of their chemically modified counterparts. With waxy maize Novation products permitted for use in organic foods up to 5 per cent and the organic tapioca range suitable for 100 per cent organic products, the marketing benefits of a clean label ensure Novation retains a competitive advantage in an increasingly health-conscious society.

Ultra quality – Ultra quick
National Starch’s Ultra cold water swelling (CWS) starches represent a unique development in instant starch processing – combining the convenience of an instant starch with the eating quality, stability and performance of a cook-up starch. Achieving full functionality in cold water, Ultra starches eliminate time-consuming cooking steps, simplify processing and reduce energy costs – while ensuring premium end-product quality.

Innovation in action
National Starch’s technological advances in the field of carbohydrate nutrition were recognised with the 2003 Institute of Food Technologists’ (IFT) Industrial Achievement Award for Novelose resistant starches. National Starch also received the accolade in 1998 for its Novation functional native starches, making it the only company to have won the award twice in the last 28 years.

Inspired technology – quality thinking
Inspired technology – quality thinking
National Starch is headquartered in New Jersey, USA and has a global network of laboratories, customer service and marketing sites dedicated to developing the food starches of tomorrow. National Starch’s proven research capabilities and applications expertise reinforce the company’s position as an industry leader in the global food ingredients market.

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