Gelatine … The multifaceted ingredient!

Gelatine is a highly purified collagen product. Its unique combination of multi-functional properties makes it an important component of numerous products used in households on a daily basis. The raw materials used for the manufacture of gelatine originate from pigs and cattle. Manufacturers of foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products have a special responsibility towards the consumer. This responsibility has always been taken seriously by gelatine manufacturers, especially by the GELITA Group.

Gelatine is a natural foodstuff with many talents

A constantly changing world demands continuous innovation. In the food sector in particular, it is necessary to react to consumer wishes by producing modern, natural ingredients. The GELITA Group – pioneer in gelatine production – has already set numerous trends with product innovations and has consequently opened up new markets where a need has been identified. GELITA® Edible Gelatine is a healthy, natural foodstuff that consists essentially of valuable proteins. It contains no preservatives, fats, carbohydrates or cholesterol. In contrast to all other comparable ingredients or hydrocolloids, it provides a combination of multifunctional properties. This is what makes gelatine so unique. Wherever gelling agents, stabilizers, binding agents, emulsifiers, film- and foam-formers or whipping agents are required, the natural product gelatine, practically invisible and neutral in taste, is the component of choice. The classical confectionery examples are marshmallows and gummy bears. In young and old, these, and many other delicacies, would be unthinkable without gelatine. The ability to form elastic clear thermo-reversible gels is one part of the success of gelatine. Another part is the fact that the melting point of gelatine based confectioneries is in the range of the body temperature. This entails the very good “melting-in-the-mouth-feeling” combined with an optimal flavour release, both reasons for the popularity of these products.

GELITA® Edible Gelatine further gives desserts and dairy products their creamy consistency. As emulsifier, stabilizer and foaming agent it is a basic ingredient in mousse- and cream- products as well as in instant desserts.

The texture of yogurt can be set from firm to creamy with gelatine and it prevents the release of water on the surface (syneresis). Pastry icings and cake fillings get their appetizing appearance from GELITA® Gelatine. The typical character of many meat products such as aspic or spreadable sausage depends on the unique properties of gelatine to form clear elastic gels and tender textures. Furthermore GELITA® Gelatine-Hydrolysat (non-gelling gelatine) is used for clarification and fining of wine and fruit juices. Today, gelatine is also practically indispensable in the production of a great variety of low-fat and light products. Due to its health-promoting properties GELITA® Gelatine can upgrade several products to modern nutraceuticals for a big and even growing market with tempting margins.

Gelatine is a healthy foodstuff

Degenerative joint and bone disease are widespread conditions. In excess of 50% of all 35-year-olds suffer from these diseases This emphasizes just how important preventive action is. One of the special gelatine types produced by the GELITA Group is so similar to human cartilage in its composition of amino acids that it can contribute meaningfully to maintain healthy joints. This type of gelatine can be incorporated in foods and snacks for sports people, in energy bars and in numerous other dietetic “light” products where it contributes a health-promoting added-value. The market for such nutraceuticals is growing constantly. This growth market is ideal for the GELITA Group, ranked first amongst gelatine producers, with innovative, high-quality products. The beneficial effects of gelatine on skin, hair and nails has been scientifically proven.

Gelatine – vital in medicine and pharmacy!

GELITA® Gelatine plays an important role in medicine. Since the 30s, hard- and soft gelatine capsules have been improving medical care by their use in new pharmaceutical dosage forms. Naturally pure pharmaceutical gelatine is an important component in Caplets and styptic sponges in surgery. GELITA® Pharmaceutical gelatine has also proven its value in emergency medicine as a blood plasma expander. Vitamins can be micro encapsulated with gelatine to improve processing and mask bitter taste.

The GELITA Group, comprising the operating continental units GELITA Europe, GELITA North America, GELITA South America, GELITA Asia Pacific Africa and GELITA Photo Division, is the world’s leading gelatine producer with activities in all major markets. Our customers benefit from the synergies generated by this global presence, and from the important developments in research, production, technology, logistics and special knowledge of the local subsidiaries in the respective continents.

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