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Product Handling Systems

Heat and Control Product Handling Systems include product transfer systems, horizontal motion conveyors, accumulation systems, chip sizers, and on-line seasoning systems that provide a selection of dependable and economical equipment.

The following outlines a selection of Heat and Control conveying solutions.

New Horizontal Motion Conveyor conveys 100% faster for higher production

Delivering the fastest travel rates of any comparable conveyor, our new FastBack® 260E brings all the advantages of horizontal motion conveying to producers of products requiring high transfer speeds.

The 260E is ideal for frozen french fries and vegetables, snacks and baked products, and even cut lettuce and fresh vegetables. In the case of potato chips, its high-performance design doubles product throughput, transferring product at 40 ft/min (12m/min) compared to 20 ft/min (6m/min) on competitive conveyors.

While its higher throughput increases productivity and overall packaging line efficiency, the FastBack 260E still provides quieter, less damaging and far cleaner conveying than vibratory conveyors. The hallmark of FastBack’s gentle horizontal motion is that it reduces build-up in the conveyor pan, dramatically reduces product breakage and damage, and eliminates product segregation and “sifting” of product where smaller pieces settle to the bottom of the pan.

Many new and innovative design features further separate the FastBack 260E from the competition:

  • Single side access to the drive components allows tight side-to-side conveyor installations.
  • Unitized drive assembly can be quickly changed without removal of the pan or top cover.
  • Different pan widths/lengths can be used with the same drive, assuring that the conveyors will not become obsolete.
  • Fewer moving parts reduce maintenance and downtime, and spare parts inventory.
  • New robust drive design supports 30% higher pan weight capacity, allowing longer pans to be used with only a single drive.
  • New drive can be retrofitted to an existing FastBack pan, increasing throughput without the cost of a completely new conveyor!

Varilift Non-Spill Bucket Conveyor

Varilift® anti-spill buckets, easy cleaning, and modular construction will elevate your ideas about bucket conveying to whole new levels!

Clean Conveying

Varilift’s no-spill buckets always remain upright after discharging product to ensure clean, trouble-free operation. A unique infeed system with overlapping buckets eliminates gaps to prevent product loss and reduce clean-up time and costs.

Easy Cleaning

One piece food grade buckets are quickly removed without tools for faster cleaning. The optional Tip-To-Clean™ system pivots buckets into the dump position to allow easy cleaning while they’re in the conveyor’s lower vertical section. When more stringent cleaning is required, an integrated clean-in-place system can be provided that automatically washes buckets.


Carouselling buckets that can fully rotate allow product discharge from the conveyor at more than one location. Built from interchangeable modules, Varilift conveyors can be configured in S, C or horizontal layouts, and can be added to or reconfigured to suit changes in your production line.

Quiet Operation

Buckets do not overlap as they travel around the system, eliminating bucket “chatter’ and making bucket jams a thing of the past!

Flexcentric: Patented vibratory conveyor keeps product moving!

In applications where vibratory motion is the best choice for product transfer, the unique advantages of our new Flexcentric™ conveyor will improve the performance of your production line and reduce maintenance time and costs.

Flexcentric has fewer moving parts than other mechanical drive long stroke conveyors, has no lubrication requirements, and features a timing belt transmission that maintains consistent speed and reduces flexure wear and failure. The conveyor’s ability to stop and start quickly without bucking allows closer interface to other equipment, resulting in reduced drop heights, pan overlaps and product spillage.

Flexcentric delivers unbeatable conveying performance for:

  • Aligning, singulating and feeding
  • Cutter feeds
  • Dewatering and de-oiling
  • Spreader feeds to dryers, blanchers, ovens and fryers
  • Grading, scalping and sizing
  • Inspection and pick out applications

The patented indirect drive spreads loads out across the pan to prevent product from bogging down and eliminate pan stress and cracking. The conveyor’s clean, sanitary design is ideal for washdown applications.

FastBack Seasoning Revolution

More uniform coverage, using less seasoning, with less product breakage, from less floor space!

Our new Revolution™ Seasoning System delivers all the advantages of proven FastBack seasoning technology in a space-saving design with an affordable price.

Quickly exchange the Revolution drum for a clean one without using tools. Prevents cross contamination and allows cleaning outside the product area.

More uniform coverage, less seasoning usage, and reduced product breakage are trademarks of FastBack’s superior seasoning performance. With the new Revolution seasoner, a patented drum arrangement also provides a more economical and compact configuration that takes up less of your valuable floor space.

The built-in Revolution drum, which actually connects to the discharge end of the conveyor pan, shortens the overall length and height of the system. The quick-change drum can be easily removed by hand with a single clamp, allowing a clean drum to be installed in minutes and the used one to be cleaned off line and away from the product area.

And don’t forget the gentle horizontal motion of the FastBack® conveyor itself. Generating less product breakage and seasoning shakeoff than vibratory conveyors, less seasoning build-up in the pan, and quiet operation near 70 dBA with product, the Revolution Seasoning System is the ideal solution for packaging style seasoning applications.

FastBack Revolution proportional gate

Increase packaging efficiency and eliminate product breakage!

Distribute proportional quantities of baked products and snacks to multiple weighers, seasoning systems and other equipment without interrupting the main product supply using Heat and Control’s patented Revolution™ Proportional Gate on FastBack® conveyors.

Revolution’s revolving discharge gate modulates to deliver precise amounts of product to two conveyors. Downstream equipment is no longer “starved” or made to wait for product. Product breakage is eliminated because unlike other gates, there are no pinch points to cause product damage or personal injury.

Revolution’s leak proof design reduces concerns about allergen or cross product contamination. Rugged and simple, Revolution uses no maintenance-intensive pneumatics or solenoids.

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