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Hygiena International Ltd : Rapid ATP hygiene monitoring and low cost detection systems for food safety

Hygiena manufactures and supplies rapid test platform solutions to the food, clinical and other manufacturing industries.

Committed to the mission of providing customers with accurate, dependable and affordable testing systems, Hygiena offers the key to diverse and expanding quality control requirements.

The company is headquartered in Camarillo, California. This office services all North American and Latin American markets. Hygiena International, with offices in the United Kingdom, services Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and Asia.

Hygiena was formerly a division of Medical Packaging Corporation (MPC), an FDA and USDA licensed medical device manufacturer with 30 years of recognized leadership in its field. Incorporated as an independent entity in 2001, Hygiena has quickly become a leader in the rapid ATP hygiene monitoring field. Hygiena continues to partner with MPC to create innovative product solutions for today’s global market place.

Hygiena supplies rapid solutions for food safety. It’s novel solid-state technology has enabled it to provide sensitive, reproducible detection systems at lowest cost. The technology is suitable to a wide range users and applications including those in other manufacturing and service industries such as food service , cosmetic and healthcare , water supply and environmental management.

The Products Palm-size Rapid ATP Hygiene Monitoring
systemSURE II is the smallest and lightest portable luminometer.
This stand alone system is also fully PC-compatible with data analysis software.

The self-calibrating instrument reduces the need for expensive annual servicing. The state of the art technology delivers unbeatable performance of sensitivity, precision and reproducibility when used in conjunction with the Ultrasnap swab.

The most affordable system available (<800 Euro). systemSURE II is the smallest and lightest portable luminometer. Universal Low cost ATP swab – snapshot
snapshot is a low cost universal ATP test and it fits most luminometers for Hygiene Monitoring.

Snapshot is an all-in-one, ready-to-use swab. Its unique liquid-stable reagent has unbeatable performance including precision and reproducibility. It can be used for solid surfaces and rinse water samples. It is robust and has a 12-month shelf life.

Snapshot will reduce consumable costs with 30-50%. Rapid Colour Test for Hygiene Monitoring
SpotCheck and SpotCheck Plus measure the cleanliness of product contact surfaces.
Simple sugars in food residues are detected and generate a single, visible, colour in 60 seconds.
The more intense the colour – the more contaminated the sample.
If it is green, it is NOT clean!

The ready-to-use swab is self-contained, disposable, robust and has 12 months shelf life. SpotCheck Plus measures the cleanliness of product contact surfaces. Sample Collection and Preparation Devices
Qswab and QD Loop are all-in-one sample collection and preparation devices for traditional microbiological methods.

They are ready-to-use, sterile disposable devices that provide simple, convenient, labour-saving solutions for the busy laboratory.

Available with a variety of different media, they can be used with agar plate methods or dehydrated dried gel plating systems such as Petrifilm and RidaCount. Qswab -  all-in-one sample collection and preparation device for traditional microbiological methods. QD loop -  all-in-one sample collection and preparation device for traditional microbiological methods.
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