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Intralox, L.L.C. – Innovative Business Culture Delivers Advanced Conveyor Solutions

In 1971, Intralox invented modular plastic belt technology, and continues to be a leading innovator of conveyance technology that improves food safety and positively impacts the profitability of food processors worldwide.

Better Food Safety by Design

Intralox revolutionized conveyor sanitation with its EZ Clean family of components: belts, hinges, sprockets and other accessories are designed to improve cleaning efficiency of the entire conveyor system.

All EZ Clean Flat Top style belts and accessories are molded in non-porous, non-absorbent plastics with no pockets or recessed areas that can harbor debris. Sprockets have large openings to increase interior cleaning access, while underside drive bars channel water and debris to belt edges for removal.

Latest Innovations Raise Efficiency, Lower Costs

The new Intralox Series 800 SeamFree™ Open Hinge Flat Top provides another choice in EZ Clean belting to meet customer needs. Each module can be assembled without bricklayed seams up to a width of 36” (914mm), making it the widest available MPB on the market. Because the belt is not hinge driven, sprockets do not press debris into the hinges.

Intralox’s new EZ Clean in Place (CIP) System maximizes cleanability in sanitation-critical applications. Debris removal is expedited by a spray bar using a custom-engineered pattern to thoroughly clean the belt underside, sprockets and shaft. Fan nozzles spray through the open hinges below and above the shaft as the belt travels around the sprockets, while impact nozzles spray the belt underside along the drive bars to maximize the debris channeling effect.

The unique design of the patent pending Series 800 EZ Clean Angled Sprocket provides cleaning access to 100% of the underside. As the belt rotates, the sprocket engages different areas of its underside, exposing every section for the first time ever.

Intralox lab tests show that implementing the Intralox EZ Clean in Place system with Angled sprocket on a SeamFree™ belt cleans as consistently as manual cleaning in 60% less time and uses 25% less water, saving food processing plants money in labor and water usage costs.

Team Up With Intralox for Better Sanitation

At Intralox, we invest in people as well as technology to deliver superior sanitation to our customers. Our highly trained Intralox Clean Team stays on top of the latest food safety regulations, and continually tests products in the lab and field to discover more effective cleaning practices.

Clean Team knowledge and experience can be passed on through classroom seminars, hands-on demonstrations or a variety of other formats. Send an email to today to find out how you and your staff can maximize the efficiency of your sanitation efforts.

Continuous Improvement through Product Innovation

With a $5 million annual R&D budget, Intralox easily supports the rapid introduction of new products. Industry-specific Product Engineering is the key to their ongoing success in creating belt products that provide real value. Teams of engineers, designers, project planners, technicians, and others visit customer plants and review their processes to gain an understanding of the conveying needs from the customer’s perspective.

A Global Presence for Rapid Response

Intralox is well-positioned to provide fast, reliable support to equipment manufacturers and end users with six assembly centers located in the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia and Japan. Molded parts can be assembled at the US plant or shipped to the international centers for local assembly. Currently the company routes 90,000 shipments annually, with an on-time shipping record above 99%.

24-hour Service for Dependable Support

Intralox’s Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are highly trained product experts dedicated to “one-call resolution.” Both CSRs and the engineers are available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, and provide assistance in 12 languages, giving customers superior support before, during and after a sale.

Written Performance Guarantees for Customer Confidence

Intralox guarantees belts recommended by an Intralox representative will perform as promised or the customers gets their money back, unconditionally. The Sales Engineering department travels to customer plants as needed to ensure recommended solutions work properly.

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