Johnson Diversey

‘As an industry leader we are committed to the highest standards of corporate behaviour towards our employees, customers and the societies in which we live. These are anchored in our values and policies and expressed through our actions everyday’

To effectively compete in today’s business arena, food and beverage producers must seek opportunities outside of traditional avenues to improve the efficiency of their operation and maximise profits. Meeting the needs of customers and growing in a global marketplace requires relentless creativity, continuous innovation, and strict financial controls. Companies have to maintain customer loyalty, attract new customers, and keep their product portfolio current while maintaining profitability under constant cost/price pressure. Improved operational efficiency enables a company to effectively accomplish these tasks while reducing facility costs and gaining a significant competitive advantage by producing more, lowering overall operational costs, and thus improving profitability. Since its formation, which united the strengths of Johnson Wax Professional and DiverseyLever, two of the world’s leading hygiene manufacturers, JohnsonDiversey has assisted various segments of the food and beverage industry with improved operational efficiency. A commitment that is one of the founding aims of JohnsonDiversey:

‘The pursuit of innovation in every form likely to make the lives of our customers simpler and more profitable’
Through the launch of new products such as EnduroPower and Andele, they a go a long way to realising this goal, being the first products to have been developed since the formation of JohnsonDiversey. The strategy of JohnsonDiversey is to conduct comprehensive assessments of facility operations and identify opportunities for increased operational efficiency via maximized throughput and minimized operational costs. For example, water is the most expensive ingredient related to cleaning. Through the use of aquaü, JohnsonDiversey helps companies reduce annualised water use. In the beverage industry, filler capacity is frequently a major bottleneck for many beverage producers, as they try to produce more flavours in the same number of shifts. JohnsonDiversey addresses this issue by offering a simplified CIP product that eliminates the regular use of heat and reduces the time required to clean. In the food processing industry, efficient cleaning of processing equipment is becoming increasingly important – the benefits of saving time, energy, and labour are key to maintaining profitability while hygiene performance cannot be comprised. JohnsonDiversey meets these customer needs by offering EnduroPower, an improved Open Plant Cleaning (OPC) product that also reduces cleaning time and lowers the amount of water needed in the cleaning process. JohnsonDiversey’s aquaü, Andele and EnduroPower are all part of an improved portfolio of products and services designed to fully support the food and beverage industry through innovative products, training, service, and technical advice. This gives the industry consistently effective production results while improving operational efficiency, increasing output, improving the environment, and maximising profitability. With such a commitment to improving their customers’ efficiency it is unsurprising that JohnsonDiversey is a worldwide leader in the global cleaning and disinfection industry and has approximately 15,000 employees, bringing its products and services to more than 60 countries, with a strong presence in every region around the world. Louise Cork
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