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Treating food better

In the food business it comes down ultimately to a race against time. Even with products requiring time to mature and ripen it is critical that the peak selling period coincides with the time it is in front of the customer. Win that race against time and you have the key to increased profitability; you can create new, more attractive and versatile dishes; you can widen your geographic markets. And you can reduce returns or eliminate wastage. Significantly, these benefits can be achieved without food additives or preservatives, thereby also addressing growing consumer preferences. The Linde Gas contribution to the food industry is a range of solutions that helps you treat food better in transportation, cooling, freezing, modified atmosphere packaging and processing. To help you achieve better profitability.

A combination of specially formulated gases and mixtures, hardware and software solutions specifically developed for individual applications, dedicated trained personnel, decades of experience and close collaboration with the food and packaging industries and food research institutes has provided us with a unique understanding of the real issues facing the food industry. We have made it our business to address those issues.

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