Messer UK Limited

Messer UK Ltd supply a vast product and services portfolio providing a wide range of industrial gases, dry ice, equipment and applications with technical expertise to provide innovative solutions for food processing, chilling and freezing. Messer also provides numerous transportation solutions for the food industry whether the requirements are for ambient, chilled or frozen or a mixture of all in one delivery vehicle. Continuously developing applications to serve the food industry Messer has developed a range of freezing technologies named Cryogen® Rapid that match a variety of operating requirements in order to fully exploit the strengths of cryogenic gases. Whereas mechanical freezers are generally only designed for a specific cooling capacity, Cryogen®-Rapid cooling systems operated with either liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide have a very broad capacity range. They also have a comparatively low purchase price, are very flexible, can easily be expanded and furthermore are much smaller than a comparable mechanical system. Civil constructions (e.g. a machine room with the appropriate high electrical capacity) are not required. Cryogen® Rapid plants are not fixed installations and are easy to transport. The necessary refrigerant storage tanks stand outside.

In Cryogen® Rapid the goods to be frozen come into direct contact with the refrigerant. Very low levels of moisture are required to saturate the atmosphere with water vapour as a result of the low temperatures prevailing in the freezer. Drip losses that can amount to as much as 5% for conventional plants, are less than 1% for cryogenic freezing so that thawed products are once again juicy and appetising. In all Cryogen® Rapid freezers this prevents drying out of the goods and the consequent undesirable weight loss. There are now a range of options available to achieve quality frozen product in a variety of forms and many processing possibilities through cryogenic freezing.

Cryogen® Rapid Tunnel Freezer – Confectionery manufacturers also use these tunnel freezers to stabilise decorations prior to final conventional freezing of cakes.

Cryogen® Rapid Spiral Freezer – Offers high freezing capacity with a small footprint.

Cryogen® Rapid Cabinet Freezer – suitable for small cooling, chilling and freezing volumes and also for a wide variety of batch processes.

Vertical Cryogen® Rapid Crust Freezer – Major benefits for slicing of soft products such as cooked meats.

Cryogen® Rapid Rotary Freezer and Tumbling – Batch or continuous rotary freezers are especially suited to freezing cubes of fish and meat, minced meat and vegetables in IQF quality. Add-on components can be used to achieve frozen sauce coatings on IQF product, giving portionable prepared frozen recipes.

Cryogen® Rapid Immersion Freezer and Liquid Nitrogen Baths – achieves freezing times of less than a minute, especially recommended for pasty products with low heat transfer capacities and high incoming product temperatures. Hot products coming out of an extruder are reliably and quickly frozen in liquid nitrogen without any negative side effects like discoloration.

Cryogen® Rapid Pelletiser – the ideal solution for freezing liquid and pasty products into an IQF pellet form. This application is used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical sector. Fruit flavoured ice cream, dessert additives, fruit juices as well as dairy products and sauces have all been pelletised. The valuable contents and aromas are preserved by the high freezing speed. A further example is in the preparation of bacterial starting cultures used for example in the dairy industry.

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