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Novozymes – unlocking the magic of nature

Novozymes is a world leader in enzymes – the environmentally friendly technology that can replace traditional chemicals, reduce pollution and waste, and significantly improve our standard of living.

The tools of nature
Enzymes are found in every living organism: man, animals, plants and microorganisms. Enzymes are the tools of nature. Each time a biological substance needs to be transformed, enzymes initiate the process.

Enzymes can ‘cut and paste’ any form of biological material. In the stomach, for example, they break down food into smaller pieces ready to be transformed into energy for the body. When the enzymes have completed their task, they are biologically broken down and absorbed in nature’s cycle.

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Sustainable solutions
The advantages of enzymes in industrial production are obvious. First and foremost, they create solutions that are more effective and more environmentally friendly than other current forms of production.

Today, enzymes often replace harsh chemicals. They also contribute to reducing the quantity of water, raw materials and energy used in the manufacture of detergents, animal feeds and food products.

Another advantage is that our customers can offer their consumers better products such as fabrics which retain their smooth, pill-free surface or more effective detergents

World leader
Novozymes is a world leader in enzymes. Our business is biotech-based and we supply enzymes to three industrial sectors: technical enzymes, enzymes for the food industry and enzymes for the animal feed industry. In close partnership with our customers, we continuously develop new enzymes for the three sectors.

Our customers are leading global companies in e.g. the following industries: alcohol, animal feed, baking, brewing, cooking fats and oils, detergents, fuel, leather, paper, starch, textiles, wine and juice.

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Front runner
Novozymes has been conducting biotechnological research since 1941 and, with a few exceptions, has introduced every new enzyme to the industry, from lipases, which remove grease stains during washing, to amylases, which are used to manufacture sweeteners.

We use the following technologies in our work: microbiology, bio-informatics, gene technology, protein chemistry, computer chemistry, directed evolution, fermentation and recovery technology.

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Environmental policy
One of our major goals is to supply environmentally desirable solutions. Our first environmental policy was written as far back as 1975, and each year since 1994 has seen the publication of an environmental report.

Since 1985, Novozymes has used genetically modified microorganisms to manufacture enzymes. The end product contains none of these modified organisms.

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Part of the Novo family
Novozymes is a member of the Novo Group, which comprises the holding company Novo A/S and the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk A/S. Together we publish annual reports on the subject of environmental responsibility and social responsibility.

View the Novo Group Environmental and Social Report 2000

Novozymes at a glance

  • Turnover 2001: DKK 5.3 billion
  • World market share in 2001: approx. 43%
  • Sells enzymes in approx. 130 countries
  • Exports account for approx. 98% of turnover
  • Manufactures approx. 75 types of enzymes and more than 500 products
  • 3,400 employees
  • Spends approx. 13% of net turnover on R&D
  • More than 4,000 active patents, patent applications and licensed patents


Research and Development
Denmark, China, Japan and the USA

Denmark, Brazil, China, Switzerland and the USA

Sales and Marketing
Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Denmark, France, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, the USA and Uzbekistan

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