Year Founded:

Key Executives & Title
Anil Shrikhande, President; Ronald Martin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing; Steve Kupina, Director of Research

Product Line:

  • MegaNatural™ Gold grape seed extract
  • MegaNatural™ GSKE grape pomace extract
  • MegaNatural® Rubired grape juice extract
  • Red Wine concentrate and several other grape extracts.

Recent Product Launches
MegaNatural™ Ruby Red grape juice extract which has 25% total anthocyanins and 50% total phenols. This product is very similar to bilberry extract except the product is made from Ruby red grapes. The phenol profile is very similar to the profile of red grape juice.

Company History:
Polyphenolics was started 7 years ago with the key objective of developing grape extracts with proven health and nutritional benefits. Polyphenolics is a division of Canandaigua Wine Company, Inc. Canandaigua Wine Company is a division of Constellation Brands which is the largest wine company in the world and a major marketer and manufacturer of other alcoholic beverages. During the first couple of years Polyphenolics developed a proprietary patented water extraction process for the extraction of grape extracts, which does not use industrial solvents. MegaNatural Gold grape seed extract is made from a blend of unfermented ruby red seeds from our juice extraction operation and white seeds from our wineries. The finished product has an optimum ration of monomers (10 –15%), oligomers (70-80%), and polymers (10 to 15%).

During the last few years Polyphenolics has funded several in vitro and in vivo studies on MegaNatural Gold grape seed extract demonstrating the following:

  1. An antioxidant capacity superior to Vitamin C, E, beta-carotene and several other grape seed extracts.
  2. A synergistic effect with Vitamin C& E.
  3. It reduces LDL (so called “bad”) cholesterol significantly.
  4. It remains active in the blood for hours.
  5. It may be effective in the reduction of blood pressure.
  6. It prevents the formation of Endotheliun-1, which is a precursor for atherosclerosis.

Company News:
Polyphenolics has recently announced that the GRAS affirmation for MegaNatural Gold grape seed extract and MegaNatural GSKE grape pomace extract for use in beverages has been reviewed by the FDA and they have sent a “No Questions” letter on their review indicating that they have no issues on the safety of these extracts. We are the only company with a GRAS determination , which has been reviewed by the FDA. “This GRAS determination extends the permitted uses of MegaNatural Gold grape seed extract and GSKE grape pomace extract beyond the nutraceutical arena and into the mass market beverage segment,” said Anil Shrikhande, President, Polyphenolics, “the two products are ideal for beverages because they are 100% soluble in water and have excellent long term stability. With the review by the FDA, the major beverage manufacturers can use the products without risk.

Polyphenolics will help you build a new supplement containing one of their grape extracts or a new beverage with their grape extracts or their natural colors from their sister company Canandaigua Concentrates. We can also deliver a finished bulk supplement containing one of their grape extracts. However, our main service is to deliver bulk MegaNatural grape extracts when and where you want the product with two-day lead-time on any order.

A Division of Canandaigua Wine Company, Inc.
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