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New Look Priorclaves

Combine the Priorclave name with a range of stylish designs, time saving features and money saving benefits and you have a quality product which not only looks good but is also a valuable asset to the modern laboratory.

Their popular Compact 40 model, a 40 litre bench top unit, incorporates all of the features of its larger brothers; whilst the transportable Compact 60, a user friendly 60 litre unit, can be moved effortlessly as required within the laboratory. Both of these require only a 13 amp plug in order to operate. The larger and most popular of the Priorclave range are the top loading V100 and V150 units. The 100 litre unit has been designed and manufactured to provide the ultimate experience for autoclave and sterilizer users. Its low loading height enables the user to load baskets and containers without putting additional strain on the lower back. Not to be outdone are the mid range, front loading units from 100 litre to 200 litre, now even more streamlined with their curvier body shapes.

Larger still are the newest additions to the range – the Rectangular Series. From 230 litre up to the largest standard size of 700 litre, they are perfect for high volume throughput as well as large bulky items, combining a huge internal capacity with a small floor area. These are now available with Vertical Sliding Doors and where required Steam/Water jackets.

Versions of the front loading models are available in double door/pass through units and outside their standard range, machines may be custom built, combining a variety of options and non-standard sizes to satisfy particular requirements.

In addition, the entire range of Autoclaves also features the revolutionary technology BioCote®, a patent protected, powder coating technology that aids the fight against bacteria and cross contamination by inhibiting the growth of a wide range of micro-organisms, including E-Coli, Listeria, Pseudomonas and MRSA, on the exterior surfaces of the equipment. It can render products and equipment safe for use in areas where hygiene is critical.

Priorclave have proven their ground breaking talents in the field of sterilisation and do not only lend themselves to producing superb machines, they also know how to deliver field support. From their state of the art customer service centre all calls are handled by a team of specialists. Their knowledge and experience ensures customers’ needs are responded to expeditiously, not only within the UK but also, through their trained agencies, throughout the world.

They also offer a number of optional support services to help the client get the best from their Priorclave, and operate a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory for calibration and performance qualification requirements.

All units are manufactured under an ISO9001:2000 quality regime, are CE marked and comply with the newly published European Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC). It all underlines why the Priorclave name is always associated with concepts such as innovative, impressive, appealing, cutting edge technology, user friendly, cost effective, beneficial… the list continues.

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