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Software Tools for New Product development and regulatory assessment

New product development requires careful planning, creative ideas, new knowledge, accurate and timely information and coordinated action. In an enterprise it is often a coordinated task between different departments like marketing, projects, business management, research and development, regulatory, production etc.

In the industry, the challenges faced by many formula based process organizations are on many fronts. They require a tool, which can give them accurate and timely information when searched for, help them in planning, coordinate their actions with different groups and help them share the knowledge base. Information ranging from market feedback to detailed raw material information such as cost, physical and chemical properties and regulatory information are absolute necessity for a formulator developing many experimental trials for a new product.

Software tools facilitate easy methods of creating multiple trials to arrive at optimum results, while satisfying the many variables involved in the process. One of the interesting and the most useful tool for a formulator built in the software are the regulatory calculations. A formulator developing an experiment can easily check if the final product will pass all regulatory requirements stated by different countries and their laws and generate these documents in multiple languages as required by the law and manage their distribution. It also facilitates knowledge sharing and global coordination and central data storage avoids duplication of products and redevelopment.

WinCHEM the enterprise software developed by Selerant Corporation is a product leader in this field. Many leading formula based process manufacturers are using WinCHEM globally to accelerate their product development lifecycle and have also derived the benefits of Selerant’s decade long multi-national experience in this field.

WinCHEM meets all requirements of product development from opportunity identification phase though product launch and post launch. This user-friendly software is modular and can easily fit any medium to large sized organizations. It can be easily integrated with ERP applications and WinCHEM is a certified interface with the leading ERP software SAP R/3.

Product development and regulatory software systems potential users:

Food, food ingredients, beverage producers:

  • Reduce the time-to-market for new products,
  • Deal with government regulations here and abroad,
  • Operate in different markets or in different locations throughout the world,
  • Centralize the products developed on a single powerful repository tool.

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