American Soybean Association

AMERICAN SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION 42 years ASA Trade Services for Soybean products in Europe The American Soybean Association ( is a grassroots association dedicated to worldwide promotion and expansion of the market for soybeans, soyfoods and soy ingredients. The soybean is one of the main nutrient plants to which a particular health-building potential is attributed. The polyunsaturated soybean oil is rich in tocopherols, phytosterols, and has an excellent n-3 to n-6 ratio. Soy-beans are the primary source of lecithin and phospholipids. Soybean protein, with its balanced amino acid composition, is appreciated for its health improving and disease preventing effects. Daily consumption of 25 g soybean protein has been linked with reduced risk on cardiovascular disease. Similarly, extra consumption of soybean phytosterols has been recommended for reducing risk on cardiovascular disease. Effects of isoflavones on osteoporosis, menopause problems and cancer are widely studied. Soybean protein ingredients are available as flours, concentrates, isolates, and in textured form, ready to be integrated in modern food products. Tasteful soyfoods have been created to answer the increasing demand for soybean protein containing products. Spreads and food products are introduced containing a high amount of soybean phytosterols. Soybean isoflavones are marketed as supplements or used for enriching food products. American Soybean Association
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American Soybean Association
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