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On-line, portable and laboratory gas analysis equipment

Systech Instruments is a multinational company headquartered in the UK, manufacturing on-line, portable and laboratory gas analysis equipment for process industries and gas flushing applications.

Our range of instruments includes headspace analysers for food and pharmaceutical MAP/CAP testing and oxygen permeation analysers specifically for the food packaging industry.

As specialists in gas analysis, we pay particular attention to detail and we are always happy to advise you on the best options to meet your needs.

With an international presence, Systech is able to offer it’s customers comprehensive, world wide, technical support and service facilities, available either at the customer site or from our factory in Thame, Oxfordshire, UK. Alternatively, overseas customers can obtain service and applications advice from any one of our extensive network of technical agents.


The all important quest for efficiency in food packaging has been advanced by Systech Instrument’s range of new oxygen permeation analyser, the Model 8000 and 8500. The Model 8000 provides a precision analysis of barrier plastic films and packages. Although the instrument is highly sophisticated, with exacting calibration, its operation is simplicity itself. The Model 8500 has been specifically designed to offer a low cost option for the analysis of high OTR films.

The Model 8000 is unique in offering a combination of features not to be found elsewhere in the market place. It is the most accurate instrument of its type, with a wide range of measurement and the fastest result. Only one sensor is required for all applications and it performs a full range of testing without the need for special modifications. The Model 8500 is the only instrument of its kind currently available.

State of the Art
The state of the art Windows® software makes both the instruments user friendly and offers the operator a great deal of flexibility. There are two ways to calibrate, on a certified gas standard or on a film. The instruments use standard industrial grade N2 reference gas.

“The Model 8000 offers more functionality at a fraction of the cost of any current competitor products”, says Bryan Cummings, Managing Director of Systech Instruments. “The instrument will be of particular interest to high barrier plastics film manufacturers, converters, food and pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers. The Model 8500 is the first analyser of its type in the marketplace specifically for poor barrier films. There is already a great deal of interest in both products.”

Benefits to Users
The benefits to users are impressive. Improvements in Q.A. efficiency, cost savings, less resource required and an increase in productivity rates. Both Models give you fast, highly accurate, graphical results, speeding up your quality assurance function significantly, without compromising the integrity of the analysis.

Getting accurate results, faster, means you can complete more tests in less time, therefore making significant resource and productivity savings. The cost of ownership is also low, making the investment in equipment a highly cost effective decision.

Meaningful and reliable test results are available up to twice as fast as current products allow. Simplicity of use ensures that you receive immediate graphical results that are effortlessly interpreted. Also, because the Model 8000 and 8500 can analyse more films in less time it enables your productivity rates to increase dramatically, particularly when doing high volume testing.

The Technology
A Systech designed sensor detects oxygen transmission rates through flat film barriers.

Flat film samples are clamped in a diffusion chamber. Pure oxygen (99.9%) is then introduced into the upper half of the chamber while an oxygen free carrier gas flows through the lower half. Molecules of oxygen diffusing through the film into the lower chamber are conveyed to the sensor by the carrier gas. This allows a direct measurement of the oxygen without using complex extrapolations. Oxygen transmission rate of the test film is displayed as either cc/m2/day or cc/100 in2/day.

The Model 8010 expansion unit allows up to ten chambers, controlled simultaneously by the Model 8000 master unit. Up to four expansion modules can be linked through a single communications line to provide a ten chamber system.

With just the push of a button, the Windows® software also allows packages to be tested simply and easily, using the standard equipment.

Model 8000 has Windows® based software and conforms to international test standards:

  • ASTM D-3985 (N. and S. America)
  • DIN 53380 (Europe)
  • JIS K-7126 (Asia)

The Model 8000 instrument is the most advanced of its kind and enables plastic film manufacturers to research and improve their packaging film, contributing to fresher food with a longer shelf life.

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