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The modern era has given us high-tech food processing and global transportation of commodities. But, along with these higher technologies has come a heightened sense for the need of measures to ensure food safety.

At the heart of the food safety issue is the ability to reliably and easily track temperature and humidity during all facets of food research, growing, processing, and transportation. It is with this in mind that T&D Corporation, the leading manufacturer of data loggers and thermo recorders in Japan, has been developing easy-to-use, multi-functional, reliable data loggers which can be used for collecting, controlling and analyzing temperature, humidity and voltage/pulse data.

T&D Corporation was started in Matsumoto, Japan in 1986 by a small group of young engineers who shared the dream of creating, developing and producing innovative and interest-sparking products. Of those products, the most impact was created by their PC compatible compact data loggers that hit the Japanese market in 1994. Over the past ten years these data loggers have continued to be a success in Japan resulting in a 90% market share. Realizing that the future of data management would be in wireless solutions, T&D has been leading the way for the last 5 years in providing user-friendly wireless communication loggers. By obtaining CE approval in 2003 these innovative products have been made available to a wider world market.

Wireless data loggers / thermo recorders

The special features of our wireless data loggers / thermo recorders are their easy installation, long range, reliability and connectivity. The CE-approved wireless RTR-5 Series offers durable yet compact lightweight units, which are water resistant, reliable and accurate. Plans are under way to obtain FCC approval in the very near future to meet our North American customer’s needs. These units are ideal for data recording during transportation and storage as well as during all stages of processing, cooling and freezing especially of food and pharmaceuticals. They are also perfectly suited for use within agriculture and fishery environments, among a host of others.

In addition, the CE-approved RTR-7 Series, (data logger for temperature and humidity) has already been made available to the European market. The network oriented RTR-7 Series with its wide communication range can be used in a variety of applications, including all areas of the food processing and transportation industry.

Of course, our non-wireless solutions, TR-5 Series (compact, lightweight and water resistant), TR-7U (high-speed USB enabled), and TR-81 (for use with wide range platinum sensor) are available for worldwide use and offer a quick, trustworthy method for tracking and managing important temperature and humidity data.

We know our products can speak for themselves, but we ask that you take a little time to get to know our company and what we have to offer. Please find out more by getting in touch with us at any of the following contacts:

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