Trumf International Ltd.

TRUMF International – a firm with an exquisite aroma ….

The firm TRUMF International Ltd. is a homegrown Czech company situated in a new factory in Dolní Újezd (Olomouc) in the Czech Republic. TRUMF International produces spices and spice blends for the food industry under the label TRUMF. Since 1992 TRUMF products are exported to many countries in Eastern and Central Europe, U.S.A. and Asia.

The aim of the firm is distinct orientation to the needs of customers and their satisfaction. We create and maintain continuous contact with customers to immediately resolve their needs and wants, not only on the technical-production side, but also from the perspective of innovation and on the basis of marketing knowledge of the market. This helps increase their commercial success, and our customers’ success on the market is also our goal. We emphasize to our customers that “TRUMF is your trump card” for success.

The firm’s motto – quality

The firm TRUMF International uses spices and other raw materials from various countries to produce their products. The spices are always carefully chosen according to a sensory profile, the content of essences and are bought in countries that have the best traditions.


TRUMF currently holds a number of domestic and international certificates, which are necessary for fulfilling legislative demands on both domestic and international markets. The firm also holds many certificates that are not required by legislative measures, but serve to further raise the level of quality and safety of TRUMF products, which leads to increased value and trust for customers.

  • ISO 9001:2000 Total Quality Management
  • ISO 14001:1997 Environmental Management
  • HACCP Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points

TRUMF offers its customers four main types of products:

  • Refined spices
  • Spices and spice blends for the food industry
  • Authentic Hungarian paprika
  • Extracts of spices and herbs produced by super-critical extraction

…always freshly ground and always full flavour and aroma…

TRUMF International provides its customers an additional substantial increase in quality of its natural spices through active refining. The refining process is made up of these steps:

  • Cleaning the spices
  • Sterilizing the spices
  • Milling the spices
  • Milling at lowered temperatures
  • Storage under controlled conditions

Demanding technological applications require high microbial purity, and therefore it is best to use spices treated with steam sterilization. Spices that require a high share of active substances – essences, are milled at lowered temperatures.

The processes detailed above produce high-quality spices that can be ranked among the best on the European market. They are always freshly milled, optimally treated, and always full of their magnificent aromas, which induce a pleasant well-being …

…TRUMF spice mixes – an ingredient in your success

TRUMF International offers its customers in the meat industry spice blends developed precisely according to the wishes of the customer on the basis of marketing analysis for all types of meat products.

Fermented salamis Dry cooked sausages Semi-finished products Smoked cooked meat productsHam Pates Sausages

A very important component of the services for our customers is the development of spice blends, as well as final products exactly according to the customers needs. TRUMF uses a specially equipped laboratory for this development.

In 2005, in order to increase the quality of customer service, we built a pilot plant where we develop new products on the basis of specific requests from our customers. These newly developed products are then verified in conjunction with the customer in the development workshop on production equipment that simulates large-scale production operations.

You can contact us at the following address:

TRUMF International Ltd.
Dolní Újezd 157, 751 23
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 581 705 705
Fax: +420 581 705 706