Zylepsis is a company specialising in new technologies for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. The company has ongoing projects and active collaborations with many of the largest companies in the world. It currently operates in around 10 countries. The R&D team comprises a unique set of skills including microbiology, biochemistry and chemistry. Many of the team are recognised leaders in their fields and also benefit from having an industry background.

Zylepsis’ core technology is biotransformation i.e. the use of micro-organisms and enzymes to create or modify molecules with great selectivity and under mild conditions. Biotransformation is a natural process and apart from the obvious examples of turning sugar into alcohol or milk into yoghurt, there are many specialised industrial uses. These include the production of aspartame or the conversion of glucose into fructose. An example of Zylepsis technology in this area is the conversion of abundant grain crops into natural replacements for vanilla extracts without relying on the vanilla bean harvest. This gives enormous control over product quality and consistency whilst dramatically reducing the cost! Similarly enzymes and micro-organisms can also be used for other complex flavour systems such as chocolate, coffee or cheese to give an authentic taste profile.

Zylepsis’ biotransformation expertise is supplemented by expertise in novel encapsulation and advanced assay methods to give a powerful range of unique products and capabilities. Highly specialised forms of encapsulation with the correct combination of aroma components can achieve dramatic results in terms of long lasting flavour impact or controlled release heat stability. This can be extremely useful in applications as diverse as truly long lasting flavour in chewing gum or a fuller flavour in low fat baked goods.

Of increasing interest today, is the ability to use technology to mask the off-taste of vitamins and soy in nutritional products. Zylepsis has a number of systems that can not only mask off-taste but also bring the nutritional product much closer to the taste of the non-nutritional equivalent. This can greatly boost sales and help entry into the mainstream food market. To this end, Zylepsis has been extremely successful working with customers in soymilk and nutritional bars. As well as helping solve problems with existing nutritional products, Zylepsis technology in advanced assays means that the company can offer new ingredients for the next generation of products with full supporting data. For example, there is rapidly growing awareness of the benefits of incorporating free radical scavengers into the diet to prevent many degenerative disorders. Zylepsis has powerful, 100% natural ingredients that have no unpleasant taste and with proven functionality in this application.

Zylepsis products can effectively solve issues in the food industry such as:

  • Low cost vanilla extract replacement
  • Heat stability and controlled release of cheese, fruit or other fragile flavour systems
  • Highly efficient soy and vitamin off-taste masking
  • Natural MSG replacement
  • Large particle, sugar free encapsulates
  • Long lasting flavour systems for chewing gum and baked goods
  • Powerful nutraceutical systems with no labelling issues and full supporting data
  • Enzyme based chocolate, coffee and hazelnut systems with the complex taste notes required for an authentic taste profile
  • Nut-free, heat stable peanut flavour
  • Extrusion and deep fat frying stable products
  • Taste systems that actually change flavour profile during chewing

Whilst Zylepsis technology is new, advanced and highly effective, the technology is already built into the products! This makes Zylepsis’ products remarkably simple to use often just by adding a powder or liquid directly into the food system. And of course, good technology also dramatically reduces costs!

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