Testimonials from Advertisers


‘Its working!!!!!We are now dominating the 1st page of Google when you type in Properties in France!! I love you!’ Sam Carter
Properties in France

Hospital Decisions

‘The history of the HOSPITAL DECISIONS article with Google has certainly been most effective in achieving hits on Google. It is difficult to correlate actual business increase to this, however it is a valuable addition to have Digital Healthcare’s brand frequently on page 1.’ Robert Stichbury
Managing Director
Digital Healthcare
Google ranking: 1/2 (16 July 2004)
‘HOSPITAL DECISIONS has given increased exposure of our service and the company to both primary and secondary care clinicians . This article has been instrumental in the education of this service and I hope this increases patient selection and choice in the future!’Kevin Edwards
Managing Director
Verigen UK Ltd.
Google ranking: 2 (16 July 2004)
‘This has helped increase interest in our product and has lead to a substantial number of qualified leads.’ Stanley Sieberg
Mammography Reporting Systems
Google ranking: 2 (21 July 2004)
‘The internet is highly important to us as a platform to advertise our products and communicate our innovations. A high ranking in Google, one of the most frequently used search engines, provides excellent exposure and visibility as compared to our competition.’Dr. Martin Schmidt
Moller-Wedel GmbH
Google ranking: 1 (22 July 2004)

AUTO 2004

‘As an internationally operating company it is important for us to build up new business relationships all over the world. As most engineers will search for new suppliers on the internet, Auto 2004 and the high ranking on the Google search engine gives us the possibility that every engineer, who is interested in our products, is able to find and contact us.’Nadja Hinsken
Secretary to the Managing Director
Google ranking: 4 (26 July 2004)
‘We really enjoyed the professional co-operation with Sovereign Publications in developing a technical paper for AUTO 2004.’Martin Mangold
Head of Marketing and Design
HP Pelzer Gruppe
Google ranking: 1 (27 July 2004)


‘By advertising in AIRPORT 2004 and being ranked number 3 on Google search engine results is extremely beneficial to us. Exposure is critical for our business. If potential learners, managers and supervisors are not aware of the wide variety of programs and services that we offer, then that is lost business for us. Being ranked high in search engine results is crucial to any organisation today as on average only the top five to ten search results are reviewed by those conducting searches. We look forward to receiving increased business as a result of advertising in AIRPORT 2004.’John McNamara
Corporate Visions Ltd
Google ranking: 3 (4 August 2004)


‘It is always beneficial to appear on “page one”. Potential clients will hopefully spend some more time surfing on our specific website. It is also beneficial with a link to our website via the Sovereign Publications site.’ Martin Ottosson
Market Communication Manager
ABB Automation Technologies
Google Ranking: 3 (5 August 2004)


‘Many thanks for your email and the link to my page on the website of Sovereign Publications relating to the magazine Relocate Spain.
This is just to thank you for your work on the page, I am more than happy with it, particularly the bold type to enhance the bullet points of the services my company offers. Having read the page through, I cannot think of any changes that I would wish to be made.
Again, many thanks.’
Adrian F. Church, MLIA(dip)
Wallace Church & Associates S.L.
(3 December 2004)



‘Good all round read. Can not add to what is already a nice publication’M. S. Cooper
Managing Director
ADNP Ltd (8 September 2004)
‘Very comprehensive and well-written.’Jenny Simnett
VP, International Assignment Services, EMEA
Cendant Mobility UK (24 September 2004)


‘Excellent publication with good informative articles.’ Garth Klimchuk
Senior Managing Director
Cenatar Advisory Group (07 September 2004)
‘Thanks for entering my subscription to RENEWABLE ENERGY. As an energy economist and “Middle East watcher since 1961, I find your publication both excellent and unique in the depth of its coverage.’Lewis L. Smith
Energy Economist
Energy Advisory Committee, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (22 October 2004)


‘I found the general content to be both interesting and enlightening.’Barney Breslow
Corporate Procurement Manager
Aluminast Products Ltd (07 September 2004)


‘Informative, wide ranging topics, well presented and easy to read’Keith Emery
Group Purchase Manager
GWK Amtek Group Ltd (09 August 2004)
‘Articles presented well and well written. Information about current and future projects is useful. Possible advertising and editorial opportunities. Unfortunately I had only a brief time to look at it as it was in a customer reception area, but topics covered look valuable sources of information, re: auto manufacturers and first tier suppliers etc’Peter Bradshaw
Sales Manager
Cooper Tools GmbH and Co. (09 August 2004)
‘I was issued a complimentary copy of “Auto 2003” quite a while back and recall that it was a high class publication that I took time reading the many articles and ‘advertorials’ most of which I found of great interest.I am in the business of productivity improvement consulting, so it is imperative that I remain aware what is happening with all the main players. I have used the publication as a reference several times and used the information gathered to support actions that I have initiated. The magazine has been circulated within our offices and now remains in my personal files for possible further references. I look forward to its successor’ Alan Jackson
Managing Director
Alan Jackson Associates UK (11 August 2004)


‘Found the publication very interesting and useful’Mr. John Rourke
Group FD
Future Electronics (14 October 2004)


‘Found the publication to be of interest and very relevant to my job. Articles were well written and informative’Paul Garnett
Bon Secours Hospital (06 September 2004)


‘A useful publication which has been passed around the practice. Time doesn’t allow reading all through but worth dipping into’Dr P. Robinson
Senior Practitioner
Farnham Centre for Health (07 September 2004)


‘Provides the latest information on any topic on defence systems and therefore is a useful reference point planning future national and international programmes. Recommended reading’Mr. E. L. Boladuadua
Fiji High Commissioner (21 September 2004)